By car

balisage voiture

Discover The Pays de Bray Oise through its magnificent "Landscape Route" thanks to the "Getaway Kit". Two trails of sixty or so kilometres each, to be travelled by car in the style of a scavenger hunt. A great way to discover the secrets of The Pays de Bray in the form of a scavenger hunt, with a questionnaire full of unusual and educational questions!
These driving itineraries for tourists are marked with special direction signs to guide you along the way. They will show you the most beautiful viewpoints and landscapes of The Pays de Bray Oise.

Carte kit escapade

Itinerary in Norman Pays de Bray

You can buy a guide book which provides 3 different trails, like a rucksack full of surprises:

  • The "Bray culture" loop from Mesnières en Bray to Forges les Eaux - 40 km
  • The "Bray comme nature" loop from Neufchâtel en Bray to Saint Saëns - 55 km
  • The "Terroir ouvre toi" loop from Forges les Eaux to Gerberoy - 70 km

Office de Tourisme Intercommunale du Pays de Bray
11 Place de Verdun
60850 Saint Germer de Fly

Price: €3 

At the gateway to Pays de Bray


Starting point: Parking opposite La Petite France restaurant in Crillon
Length: 70 km
Duration: 5 hours

Sightseeing circuit starting from Crillon, going via Bonnières, La Neuville Vault, Lhéraule, Pierrefite en Beauvaisis, Savignies, La Chapelle aux Pots, Le Mont Saint Adrien, Saint Germain la Poterie, Saint Paul, Goincourt, Aux Marais, Saint Martin le Noeud, Saint Léger en Bray, Auneuil, Troussures, Villers Saint Barthélémy, Le Vauroux, La Bosse, Le Vaumain, Flavacourt, Sérifontaine.

The countryside, naturally


Starting point: Songeons
Length: 65 km
Duration: 5 hours

Sightseeing circuit starting at Songeons, going via La Chapelle sous Gerberoy, Gerberoy, Hannaches, Goulancourt, Villers sur Auchy, Saint Germer de Fly, Saint Pierre ès Champs, Lalande en Son, Le Coudray Saint Germer, Lalandelle, La Chapelle aux Pots.