On foot

You can take the various footpaths, which are marked and signposted along the way in order to find your way more easily (in accordance with the charter of the French hiking federation, the FFRP).
The markers are yellow, as for the "Walking & Hiking" paths. 

The start of each path is signalled by a welcome sign illustrating the route, to help hikers find their way.

Sentiers pédestres

Pastures Path

Saint Germer de Fly

Starting point: Car park at La Planche au bœuf restaurant in Saint Germer de Fly

A pleasant walk accessible to all, in the wetlands of the pastures between Villers sur Auchy and Saint Germer de Fly, an area remarkable for its fauna and flora specific to The Pays de Bray.

Les Communaux Path

St Germer de Fly - Villers sur Auchy

Starting point: From the main road RN31, via the country lane of Les Aulnaies to the Raques pond prairie.
Length: 3.6 km
Duration: 1.25 hours

This 5.4 km itinerary provides a chance to explore one of the few remaining wet moors in the Oise area.

Thelle Forest discovery path

Le Coudray Saint Germer

Starting point: Saint Germer crossroads in Thelle Forest Le Coudray Saint Germer
Length: 5.4 km
Duration: 1.5 hours

This family-friendly walk goes through the forest environment that is so familiar yet so little-known. Various topics are covered by the interpretation tables along the path.

Le Moulin Vieux

Le Vaumain

Starting point: Le Vaumain town hall car park
Length: 11 km
Duration: 3 heures

 This circuit goes through lush meadows to the small village of Le Vaumain, where the church contains a magnificent, restored altarpiece which is a listed monument.

Vallée Droite Path

Ons en Bray

Starting point: Car park at the town hall and at Ons en Bray Church
Length: 10 km
Duration: 2.5 hours

Wander along the hollow paths and roads lined with shrubby hedges. Our beautiful Pays de Bray countryside has so many treasures to offer.

Larris Path

Coudray Saint Germer

Starting point: Car park at Le Coudray Saint Germer social centre
Length: 17 km
Duration: 4.5 heures

Starting at Le Coudray Saint Germer, this circuit takes you to the heart of the Thelle Forest. Ideal for keen walkers, this path is the longest of the ten hiking circuits in The Pays de Bray.

Bois Mesnil Woods Circuit

Le Coudray Saint Germer

Starting point: Car park at Coudray Saint Germer social centre
Length: 16 km
Duration: 4 hours

This area offers many unique beauty spots in the countryside. This long circuit will give you ideas for sightseeing in villages such as Le Coudray Saint Germer, Puiseux en Bray and Cuigy en Bray, and show you some paths through the Bois de l’Eclat woods.

The Brayon Hedged Farmland

La Chapelle aux Pots

Starting point: Car park for the town hall and La Chapelle aux Pots pottery museum
Length: 14.5 km
Duration: 4 hours

A walk in an area where the quality of the clay, wood and water gave rise to the famous ceramics of The Pays de Bray.

La Boutonnière du Pays de Bray


Starting point: Lalandelle church car park
Length: 18 km
Duration: 4 hours

Between Normandy and Picardy,The Pays de Bray is characterised by a variety of landscapes: vales, limestone hillsides, hedged farmland hills and forests… Discover the peace and freshness of the Pays de Thelle national forest and admire the vast panorama from the top of a cuesta famous among geographers all over the world.

Sente des Landes path

Lalande en Son

Starting point: Car park at Lalande en Son town hall
Length: 11 km
Duration: 2 hours

A very varied trail combining woods, hills, prairies and more.