The shop

 The Intercommunal Tourist Office shop offers a selection of various products, gift ideas and souvenirs. These items are mainly made by local craftspeople.

Mother-of-pearl jewellery

Pendants, necklaces, earrings, rings, etc.
Mr Eric Fournier in Saint Paul


Pots of seasonal honey for sale
Mr Daloz in Saint Aubin en Bray

Jardin d'Eden

Herbal tea with 7 plants, Tea, "Gingerbread" infusion, balm, etc. 
Mrs Nève in Saint Germer de Fly

Broderie de la tante Yvonne

Various embroidered items (teatowels, aprons, cushions personalised with your own photos, rag dolls, handbags, etc.)
Mrs Vinet Muriel in Ry


Painting on glass

Various hand-painted glass objects 
Mrs Odette Deruyetter in Puiseux en Bray


Drawings of the abbey, illustrated thimbles, postcards of Pays de Bray
Mr Daniel Moign in Darnetal


3 volumes of the book on the Boutonnière du Pays de Bray for sale
Historical Society of Norman and Picard Pays de Bray 

Poterie de l'érable

Enamelled stoneware pottery (jugs, vases, etc.)
Mr Jean-Luc Noël in Haincourt


Stoneware, raku and crystal glazed pottery (vases, bowls, pots, etc.)
Mr Mérigeau in Ons en Bray